Doggy Dollar Reward Points FAQ

This page will give you information about or Doggy Dollar Reward Points program.  This program is for our retail customers only, as our dealers get other incentives.

How do I get Doggy Dollars?

You receive 1 Doggy Dollar for every $1 you spend at  This points will be added to your account when your order ships from the warehouse.  We may run specials where you can earn more Doggy Dollars and those details will be given out in the special.  You can also get DD by answereing Polls, signing up for the newsletter, posting reviews, and referring other customers.

How much is a Doggy Dollar Worth?

A total of 100 Doggy Dollars is equal to $5.  When you go to My Cart, you will be able to select how many of your DD your would like to use for each order.  You can use DD's in multipules of 100.  For example, if you have 550 Doggy Dollars in your account, you can use 100, 200,300,400, or 500.  The website is setup to show you the maximum you can use for the order and provides a quick check box to select the maximum.

How can I find out my current Doggy Dollars?

There are two ways to see you account balance, for both methods you have to be logged in.  The first way is to click "My Cart" if you have products selected.  The other way is to click "My Account", then "Reward Points".

I can't use all my points at checkout?

Doggy Dollars must be used in groups of 100.  Also the system will not let you use them if the subtotal of the products is smaller then $5.

Do you have a referral system?

Yes.  we have a couple referral systems for earning Doggy Dollars.

1)Link referral:  This program rewards you Doggy Dollars when people click on a link you supplied to our site.  To find this link, login and go to My Account.  Then click My Invitations.  You will see a link that that you can copy and past anywhere.  Each time someone clicks on the link you get points!

2)Customer Signup Referral:   If your referral from the link makes an account, then you get additional Doggy Dollars.

3)Purchase From the Link:  Now for more points!  If the person, then BUYS something from your link, you get 1 DD for each $1 they spent.  If they come back and buy more, then you get 1 DD for every $2 they spend.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us at 800-517-3810, or use the Contact Us Page!