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  • "Inversion" Carbon Fiber 2dogrc 300 Size Folding Arms Quad

    Build Videos and Sample footage!

    This is our newest lineup in small quads. These 300 size quad has an unique feature where the rear motors are mounted upside down! We have not flown this one yet...but expect to the first week of January!  

      We really liked this quad because you can put the 2204 Emax motors on this with 6" props and our 2800 mAh battery.  This should give you around 10-12 minutes of flight time depending on your weight.  This ship also included a helicopter type landing gear to elevate the frame.  Not only does this protect the upside down motors in the rear, it enables you to mount a gimbal on this.  We will be doing that in our build thread!

      To complete this quad, you will need 4 Emax 2204 motors, 4 12A SimonK ESC's, a flight controller, power distribution board, a battery 1500-2800 mAh 11.1V, and 4 props.  For FPV you will also need a video transmitter and camera system.

    Oh Yeah! did I forget to mention that this is ALL carbon fiber? Unlike the Juan Diego Sport, which is mix of carbon fiber and G10 plastic, this frame is all carbon fiber which will greatly reduce the weight and increase the flight time! Learn More

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    Now only: $35.00

  • Circular Power Distribution Board

    This is a power distribution board commonly used in the construction of quad copters. It is circular with large solder spots. The inside circle is for the positive lead and the outside circle is for the negative leads. Learn More

  • Power Distribution Board with Switches

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    This is a power distribution board commonly used in the construction of quad copters. This unit is unique because it has 2 built in switches. This enables you to wire in lights or other items you would like to have the option to turn on or off. The switches are manual and not controlled from the radio. The hole mounting pattern is the same as the same as the CC3D for mounting purposes. Learn More

  • 4 Color 3 LED Strips

    These LED strips are perfect for highlighting certain areas of your quad, plane, boat, or whatever. You get 4 colors, white, red, green, and blue. The strips are not connected electrically to each other, but you could easily power them all together. The strips can be separated and powered with any 12V power supply.

    Each strip contains 3 LED lights on them which are very bright and can be see easily in the daytime. The two silver pads at each end is where you connect the power. The strips measure 7x30 mm across.

    Learn More

  • 2dogrc Nylon Race Gate, 5Ft

    This is a 5 foot tall race gate. These are great for practicing your moves as well as for setting up courses! Learn More

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