Diatone GT R90

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  • Diatone 2018 GT R90 ARF

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    WOW! We have been testing this little racer for the month before the release and it was hard to keep it a secret! This 90 mm frame is a step above the other micros in this class. First off, you get a F4 board, not some cheap out dated F1 board. Diatone has also included a micro CCD camera with better resolution then those cheap CMOS all in ones. Here is the kicker. You don't get a cheap 25 mW transmitter. You get a TBS Unify authentic board, adjustable from 25 up to 800 mW via smart audio. No other board in this class has these features.

    To tie it all together Diatone has produced a plastic brace to hold the stack and antenna using minimal space under the cage! No like every good commercial, but wait there's more! These also come with a 4 in 1 Bl Heli_S ESC capable of Dshot 600! This ship has been tested on 2-4s and pids for 4s will be out soon!

    Yes there are alot of people selling this kit, but they are just companies. 2dogrc not also tests the prototypes, but we help tune the stock PIDS and we know what we are doing!

    We found that the items you will break are the roll cage, props, and possible the white FC pedestal in that order.

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  • Diatone 2018GT R90 Kit Only

    This is the kit version of the Diatone R90 micro brushless ARF. You get everything you see in the picture and it is designed for a TBS 5V Unify Pro to fit in the stack. This is a 20mm stack, so you will need FC and ESC's that are 20mm. Learn More

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  • 2018GT-R90 Cage Side Plate, 1 pc

    This is a replace cage side plate for the 2018 GT R90. We found this is the most likely item to break on your ship, so I would pick up 2-4 pieces as spares! You get 1 piece per order. Learn More
    Expected First Week of November

  • 2018GT-R90 FC&ESC&VTX Mount

    This is the replacement 20mm stack holder for the R90. This will work with any 20 mm flight controller and ESC combo. The Unify Pro 5V fits perfectly in this, the HV versions are larger. Learn More

  • XT 30 Pair, 1Male 1 Female

    The XT30 is the perfect connector for micro brushless quads. Most quads come with the red JST connector which is only good for 6A max! The XT30 is good up to 35A! Most 90-122 mm drones can pull 12-18A easily. Using an XT30 gives you more power and better run times. You get 2 pieces, 1 male and 1 female. Learn More

  • Diatone Prop and Accessory Kit for R90, choose color

    These are the stock props and plastic accessories that are included with the Diatone R90 micro quad. Learn More

    Starting at: $2.49

  • Diatone Edge Racing 1104-6000 Motors

    These are the replacement motors for the Diatone R90 mini race drone. Learn More

    Out of stock

  • Diatone 600 TVL Micro Camera

    This is the stock camera for the R90 and other Diatone kits requiring a micro camera. Learn More

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