Omnibus F4 PRO Flight Controller V3 Barometer(Smart Audio Support)

The New V2 Omnibus F4 Pro flight control packs a punch! This flight controller has a F4 processor for fast and reliable speed! This flight controller incorporates a onboard OSD running off the SPI so it does not used an UART. The PDB uses the MPU6000 Gyro which is the "gold standard" of all gyros! The onboard 5V 3A BEC can power your camera, receiver and WS2812 lights!

Here is the best part! You can connect your TBS Unify Pro to an UART and enable Smart Audio. Now you can program your VTX via your OSD, channel, power snd frequency. This also works with the ImmersionRC Tramp.

I forgot to mention you can also change pids in the field just as easily! No more need to bring your laptop!

The main difference on this board is the built in current sensor so you can see current draw and total mAh used!


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We just received these in. I will making setup video s for this board.

Some things to Note:

  • Betaflight is recommended.
  • The board comes pre-selected for SBUS, You do not need to solder the jumper, it is already done.
  • To power the board you have two options.
    • Connect battery directly to BAT/GND. This will provide power to the board as well as 5V to the Receiver Pins.
    • Supply 5V on one of the ESCs connections from a PDB. However you obviously want to have voltage display in your OSD so just connect BAT/GND to your LiPo (up to 4S).
  • To power your VTX and camera. Out of the box "RAM" is not connected to anything. That leaves you with following alternatives.
    • Solder connect RAM and VBAT to get LiPo voltage. This would be unfiltered and could cause video noise.
    • Short RAM and 5V to get filtered 5V from the board. This would provide clean video but 5V is not enough for most VTX on the market, so power your VTX from 12V PDB.
    • Provide clean voltage from external BEC . It will provide filtered 10V for HS1177 and a VTX.
  • To avoid issues with the OSD display, you must connect a ground from the Camera to the board AND a ground from the VTX to the board.

Additional Info

  • SPI Gyro MPU6000
  • On-Board OSD (controller by Betaflight, FC over SPI bus)
  • MicroSD Blackbox
  • Barometer
  • F4 Processor (F405)
  • 5v 3A SBEC
  • On-Board Video Filter (only can supply 5V to VTX and Camera)
  • 3.3V for Spectrum Receivers
  • On board Current Sensor.
  • Max Current 160A


Customer Service is TOP NOTCHReview by Todd
Great Board. Get it!
My review is related more to customer service.
I thought TRUE Customer Service was a thing of the past.
Mark has changed that opinion. Simply AMAZING!
Don't hesitate to to order from here. You won't be sorry.
Great site, Great Customer Service, and to top it all off, GREAT PRICES!
From now on, I check 2DOGRC.COM before ordering elsewhere.
(Posted on 12/13/2017)
Omnibus f4 pro great product Review by davie
The omnibus f4 pro v3 is nice flight controller with osd and voltage meter plus current sensor, The greatest part about is great customer support with a great attitude. Ill buy again from them no doubt and hope to go fly a track with 2dogrc one day since they are in usa and located in north carolina. Excellent product and service (Posted on 6/1/2017)

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