Bob Smith Foam Cure Foam Safe Glue


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This product is developed independently by Bob Smith Industries. This type of glue is a silicon based, clear flexible solution that is foam safe. It can also be used on wood and carbon fiber. Set time is 15-30 minutes and when it is set it forms a flexible bond, unlike CA.

Bob Smith Foam Cure Glue is great for EPP foam and I would not recommend anything else! Compared to other, over priced alternatives this is a steal at $2.99 an oz.

Applied to one surface and then joining the parts, they need to be held together for 30 min. This doesn't give you full strength, but enough to keep them together. After joining, if the parts are pulled apart and the surfaces allowed to air dry for 5-15 minutes, the Foam-Cure will act like a contact cement and will bond the parts faster.

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