Dualsky FC450 Auto Level Multi Rotor Controller

Dualsky FC450 Autolevel Flight Controller

Dualsky FC450 Autolevel Flight Controller

This flight controller has two modes; auto level and acro mode. The acro mode is a free flying mode with no gyro assist. This means if you push the aileron to the right and then let the stick return to neutral, the quad will stay in the bank you established. The auto level mode uses a 3 axis accelerometer to maintain a level quadcopter. What this means is if your push your aileron control to the right and then let the sticks go back to neutral, you quadcopter will return to a level attitude.

To get the most accurate autolevel plug in your quadcopter on a level surface. Then in auto level mode, trim out the quadcopter using the trims on your radio. These trim settings will not be the same when you switch back to acro mode. In acro mode all the trims will be centered.

The Dualsky FC450 will work for ANY “X” or “Cross” configured quadcopter, not just the Dualsky Hornet.

There is no computer programming or PID tuning. There are sensitivity adjustments on the controller if you need to change the 3 axis.

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FC450 Instruction Manual!