How to Buy a 250 Size Quad

Juan Diego 250 Quad

Below we have listed all of our 250 size quads. These quads are very agile and a blast to fly in small spaces. Average flight time is about 6 mins with a 1500 mAh battery.  The DRQ 250 can only run 5″ props where the Juan Diego frames can both run 5″ or 6″ props.

You can purchase the frames seperatly of go the Emax Mini 250 Quad Power Package Complete to build your quad.  We have the basics picked out for you, just add any additional items and pick your frame.

For a quad you need the frame, 4 motors, 4 ESC’s, 4 propellers (2 counter clockwise and 2 clockwise; each package includes 1 of each), a flight controller and battery.  Those are the basic items.  A power distribution board may be helpful when connected the ESC’s together but is not required.

If you would to do FPV, then you need to add a camera, a video transmitter and a video display device.  We offer the CM211 has a basic camera and the HD19+ which records like a GoPro and streams.  For your display you either need a monitor or FPV goggles.

We offer a few options for flight controllers.  The NAZA is the easiest to install, includes a very easy user interface and has great GPS hold.  This is a very good controller for a beginner or if you want an extremely stable platform.  We also offer the CC3D.  This requires a little more setup, does not have GPS easily, but is much more agile with more sport flying options.

If all this seems too much, but you would really like to fly one of these, we do offer a service to build the quad for you.  You pick out what you want and in about a week you will have your new quad all tuned and ready to go!

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