FAA Posts on Pirker

WASHINGTON – The Federal Aviation Administration has a responsibility to protect the safety of the American people in the air and on the ground.

The National Transportation Safety Board affirmed the agency’s position that unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) meet the legal definition of “aircraft,” and that the agency may take enforcement action against anyone who operates a UAS or model aircraft in a careless or reckless manner.

The FAA believes Mr. Pirker operated a UAS in a careless or reckless manner, and that the proposed civil penalty should stand.  The agency looks forward to a factual determination by the Administrative Law Judge on the “careless or reckless” nature of the operation in question.


The FAA has a responsibility to suppress any kind of future technology and innovation that could create billions of dollars and thousands of jobs.

The NTSB affirmed the agency’s position that rc planes and multirotors meet the legal definition of “aircraft” as well as anything possible that goes in the air.  Now flying paper airplanes in your front yard without proper registration, clearance from any FAA airport agency within 5 miles, and ops spec manual is illegal.  The FAA can pick what sections of FAR PART 91 it would like to violate you without warning.

The FAA believes Mr.Pirker operated recklessly because he got paid for his work with University and the FAA did not receive any money form this project.  The FAA only approves projects where they get paid, like the 6 movie studies that spent over $150,000 to get an exemption from the FAA rules.  The FAA looks forward to suppressing the Remote Control hobby and sUAV businesses alike until congress approves for some ridiculous fee structure.  The FAA will start charging for breathing and pursue criminal charges for smokers as they danger the national airspace by producing low visibility around and near airports!



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