Decrease charge times with the use of Paraboards!

We are now stocking Paraboards for li-poly chargers.  These boards enable you to connect up to 6 batteries to charge at

the same time! The boards charge in parallel so it spreads the charge current among the number of batteries.  When using a paraboard you have to use the same capacity battery and same voltage. The limiting factor is your charger.  If your charger is a 50W charger and you are charging 3 cell batteries the highest amount of current is 50/11.1=4.5A.  If you have 6 batteries connected, then each battery will get 4.5A/6=.75A.

We have boards in stock for T-connectors, XT60, DC3 and the micro batteries as well.  Visit 2dogrc.com for more information under chargers!

Check out our YouTube Video as well!


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